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e² Young Engineers has developed many special LEGO® bricks workshops designed to enhance a number of one-off occasions including: birthday parties, summer camps, take your child to work days, adults and senior citizen programs, homeschool and special needs programs, as well as gifted children’s workshops. All Young Engineers workshops revolve around the world of storytelling with a science and engineering undertone. Below are just a few models you’ll build at one of our workshops:



Young Engineers e² LEGO® bricks camps are an exciting experience for participants of all ages. During the summer we encourage continued learning and offer four different themed camps to appeal to all children! Our various camp programs offer our premier edutainment (education + entertainment) experience. We offer three types of access to our e² camp experience:

LEGO® bricks day at “Camp e²”
LEGO® bricks @ your existing Camp
LEGO® bricks Camp

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LEGO®DAY- Birthday Parties!

Kids love building with LEGO® bricks, so why not have a LEGO® birthday party? e2 Young Engineers has created an exciting birthday party experience for kids of all ages. Your child and all of his or her guests will receive one of our Young Engineers LEGO® kits used to build and play with his or her very own model. There are many models to choose from and the birthday boy or girl will get to chose their own theme and be involved in the planning process. Children will learn as we build the model together. Participants must be at least 6 years old.

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e2 Pro

We offer a unique teambuilding experience for adults through constructing our exclusively made LEGO® models. Our Young Engineers instructors come to your office or business and work with employees for a fun and exciting day (or evening) to learn and work together. We bring all materials necessary for construction of the model and activities. We work with companies of all different sizes and purposes. Contact us for more information on how to experience the new kind of team builder with Young Engineers! 

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Everyone knows and remembers the experience of building with LEGO®. LEGO® bricks have been around since 1942, entertaining the young and the young at heart for generations. There aren’t many who haven’t experienced the enjoyment of playing with LEGO®, which is why it remains one of the most popular building blocks even today.

The special Young Engineers activities for golden age communities brings this incredible pastime back to those who may have forgotten how fun working with LEGO® actually is. Each participant receives the unique Young Engineers LEGO® bricks kit and step-by-step instructions with large print and image diagrams. A certified e2 instructor provides guidance along the way. The participants will build a fascinating technical LEGO® motorized model. These workshops are less about the theoretical application of the building, and more about the physical building of the models. As we age we work very hard to keep our motor skills functioning as well as we’d like. Working with the small LEGO® pieces helps to keep fine and gross motor skills intact for senior citizens.

Grandparent & Grandchildren Workshops

LEGO® is a timeless toy, something grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy together.
What could be better than grandparents and grandchildren spending an afternoon together playing with LEGO®? We run 90-minute activities for senior citizens and their grandchildren to learn and play together. One of our experienced Young Engineers instructors leads a guided workshop for grandparents and grandchildren to construct a LEGO® model using additional electric parts to make it move. The children have an educational experience while having quality time with their grandparent.

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